You Karen, are at the top

Dear Karen,

As you may know, I have been a real estate investor for 39 years and have bought dozens or perhaps even thousands of properties. In doing so I have worked with more real estate sales people and brokers than I can count. You Karen, are at the top… as good as any I’ve worked with and far better than most.

When my wife and I gave you our assignment to find a home for us in the mountains, you worked tirelessly and patiently in doing so. And once the home was under contract and ultimately closed, you attended to a myriad of details that we were unable to handle during our residing in our principle residence in Florida. For all of this, I just want to say thanks.

Karen, I am sure that our case is not unique. So, I want to tell you that if you choose, you may share my letter with a prospective buyer you may be working with. Doing so would be to their benefit as I am sure you would operate with the same professionalism and dedication.

With kindest regards,

Carleton Sheets